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  • Babrujsk pottery is remarkable due to its unique distinctive features: the artifacts differ by their proportions, the combination of colourless glazing with the rich colours of the red clay, modest decorated outlines and stamps, specific design of the lids and handles. The peculiarities of Babrujsk pottery are the purity of the form and colour, the laconism of the plastic forms and décor, the emphasis on the natural beauty of the material. All these distinctive artistic features, which have formed the style of Babrujsk ceramics, are well preserved today as are the secrets of the ancient methods of clay treatment. Pottery has been known in Babrujsk District for many years — people have been making pottery in small villages and in towns. Almost every household in Babrujsk District used to have a potter’s wheel, which was employed to make their kitchenware and other household things. Currently, the art of pottery making is developing in Babrujsk and Babrujsk District due to the enthusiasm of the committed masters and the lovers of ceramics: there are ‘Stary Majstar’, an amateur group, and ‘Bielaruskaja Mastackaja Kieramika’, a pottery manufacturing association, as well as several pottery studios. Babrujsk District’s potters not only preserve the traditional pottery techniques, but also introduce innovations into the technological process while mastering their individuals styles and manifesting their own sense of beauty.