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  • Dancing the ‘Sporaŭskaja Poĺka’ is more than a century old tradition of Sporava Village. The ‘Sporaŭskaja Poĺka’ belongs to pair-group dances and is characterized by multiple dance figures in which commands (calls) are given by one of the dancing men or by one of the musicians; the commands are given in a free manner and in any order. There can be from twelve to any number of commands that reflect different distinctive elements of the dance. The ‘Sporaŭskaja Poĺka’ is a colourful and vibrant dance, which reflects not only the special nature of the villagers, but also their original outlook and has the potential for uniting generations in the same space of the dance. The polka develops coordination, a sense of rhythm. The distinctive feature of the ‘Sporaŭskaja Poĺka’ is that the dancers’ feet almost never leave the floor, all movements of the pairs are slow, restrained, which only enhances the beauty of the dance. The relationship between the dancing young man and the girl is distinctive of its modesty, innocence, while the mischievous nature of the dance remains too, because every pair do their best to thrive as the most capable and smart. The ‘Sporaŭskaja Poĺka’ is danced at all festivals and celebrations in the village. Practically all villagers including the youth know the technique of the dance. There is ‘Žuraŭka’, a folklore ethnographic ensemble lead by Valiantsina Chajchyts, which actively preserves and passes the tradition on, as well as ‘Žaŭručki’.